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Mrs Jyoti Uplenchwar,
Management Consultant and Founder Chairperson, POSITIF

Mrs Jyoti Uplenchwar has over 10 years’ experience in conducting training programmes on stress management, time management, assertiveness, team building, personality development and emotional capacity building. Her interest in the area is an outcome of her interactions with various senior officials from different organizations. Her studies revealed that Managers, at every level,  today are more prone to fatal diseases because of stress and anxiety they deal with on a regular basis. Initially, more as a service to society than a profession, Mrs Uplenchwar got involved in conducting specific workshops and programmes for the betterment of individuals.
Over the past 10 years, she has successfully conducted development programmes in more than 40 organisations and academic institutions thus benefiting more than 1400 senior and middle level executives in various companies, as well as many students. In fact, the amazing response to her programmes compelled her to create a dedicated team to be able to provide the service to various companies on a regular basis. This resulted in the birth of Positif.

Mrs Jyoti Uplenchwar was also the founding member of “Snehi”, an organization for the psychosocial care of young people. Snehi was the pioneer organization to launch pre and post exams telephone help lines in India in 1998.

The Positif Team
Arvind Kumar Mishra, has completed his M.A. in Psychology from Delhi University, Delhi. He has vast experience in research as well as conducting Behavioral Dynamics Workshops in organizations and in academic institutions. He was also one of the member of “Snehi” at the launch of the Project “Hopeline”, Pre and Post examination telephonic helpline. At present he teaches at Zakir Husain Center for Educational Studies, J.N.U., New Delhi.
Dr. Bosco Henriques Ph.D. (TIFR) Molecular Biology is pursuing science in an entrepreneurial mode. He is a pioneer in the field of natural dyes where his improved environment-friendly alum mordanting process has revolutionised the sector. He has a number of specialized research papers to his credit. He presently has four product patents for biotechnology equipment and six process patents. Despite being a scientist, he has passion for understanding human issues.
Ms Vinita Satija, M.A. (Psychology) from Delhi University.  Worked as Psychologist, Mental Health Programme, sponsored by Govt. of Gujrat & Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. At present working as Consultant, Project in Public Health, IIM Ahmedabad.
Mr Amit Uplenchwar, a B.E. (Mech), P.G. Diploma in Logistics & Port Management, M.B.A., from Netherlands. He has a vast industry experience especially in infrastructure projects dealing with various kinds of human relations problems. Presently he is working as Executive Director, International Business in a large Industrial Group at Dubai.






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