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Emotional Competency Building is our signature programme. Emotions play a very important role in our lives, both negative and positive, and are, at times, very difficult to control.

“The pace of emotions is faster than a Ferrari.”

An emotion is the manifestation of the internal chemistry of an individual. Emotion is both a motivating and inhibiting force. It is the interconnecting mechanism of all the brain functions; therefore emotions are involved in every endeavor. Our professional life is not insulated from emotions, hence, regulation of emotions in the work environment is very important and involves a set of processes used by individuals to initiate, maintain and modulate both the expression and the experience in all spheres of life.

The Emotion Competence Building Workshop helps participants unravel the mysteries of emotions and gives them better control on their emotional world.

Enables participants to assess and better understand the emotional undercurrents of behavioral patterns in individuals.
Enables participants to experience and express the right kind of emotions at the right time.
Enables participants to use emotions as an asset rather than a liability.






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